Which is Better Yahoo Mail or Gmail | Pros and Cons

We live In the 21st century where the internet and email becomes a major part of our life. Every person irrespective of work and age group is using the internet to fulfilling there requirements. From the bucket of a number of needs one thing which always remains on the top is using email for social interactions. To fulfill this requirement one always seeks appropriate service providers to match their expectations. From several email service providers like Hotmail, Rediff mail, gmx, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. The last two names are always compared to figure out which one is better than the other.

Which is Better Yahoo Mail or Gmail

Here, we will figure out the answer, By doing a comparison.

Following are the major heads of comparison :

  • 1) Variety of information available.
  • 2) Organized Folders.
  • 3) Multiple tabs option.
  • 4) Storage capacity.
  • 5) Appearance.

Now, let us read these differences in detail.

  • 1) Variety of information available :

Yahoo provides several kinds of information on the home page. This information includes current hot topics of the world, news, updates regarding various social sites, etc. Which provides the user information and infotainment in a huge amount. On the contrary, Gmail lacks behind in providing this information. The user can get details relevant to mailboxes only I. E only mails are there on the screen of the device. Hence, the area of information is almost nil.

  • 2) Organized Folders :

This feature of Yahoo is one step ahead than Gmail as yahoo mail provides a feature of sorting mails in a much better way. It allows you to tag or organized away according to your desire. There are numerous ways to organize your mails. But here also Gmail lacks behind it just provides you sorting of mail-in limited ways. Which is not suitable for the user who needs to manage the mails in various numbers of heads.

  • 3) Multiple tabs option :

With yahoo, you can open any number of tabs you want and that too without any kind of size issue. These feature of yahoo mail is a few years old. While on the other side Gmail incorporated this feature recently with limited access.

  • 4) Storage capacity :

While choosing a mail the user has a tendency to compare it by the availability of storage capacity.
Yahoo mail comes up with exceptional space availability. Unlike Yahoo, Gmail only has a capacity of 15 GB only. Hence, if anyone deals with bulk mails will prefer to use Yahoo.

  • 5) Appearance :

Yahoo mail has an organized appearance. All the tabs like contacts, calendars, the messenger are clearly visible at the top of the window. And On the left-hand side, you will find all your inbox folder, outbox folder, draft, spans, etc. Which makes all of them easily reachable. On the other hand  burning series , appearance seems less organized. Except for the major folders like inbox, drafts, outbox all other additional folders require some efforts.

Conclusion: From the above discussion, we can easily conclude that the yahoo mail has much plus point then Gmail. From huge storage capacity to appearance it has many positive features to attract a huge number of users. With this article, there is doubt left why yahoo has more users in comparison to any other mail services.